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Micheal Jackson’s Cousin Is Making His Mom’s Life A Living Hell!

trent-kate-549x289Photo credit: Google Images

The king of pop may not be resting easy while having to watch his own cousin Trent Jackson makes his mom’s life a nightmare. Not only is he stealing from Katherine Jackson, but she claims that  made a copy of her room key and he’s installed security cameras to watch her every move!

What an invasion of privacy. Reported on TMZ, Mrs. Jackson says “the only place I can try and have a private conversation, is in my bathroom, pretending I am using the restroom so I can make a call. Katherine adds she tends to get dressed in her closet, out of fear Trent will walk in on her.”

Mrs. Jackson also believes that her nephew has been stealing her identity and getting cards for himself in her name. The article also claims that one time when Katherine was having a stroke he decided NOT to call 9-1-1 because he could care for her himself.

Hopefully Katherine’s sons step in and protect their mother. You can’t be stressing out the elderly like that!

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