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The People At Fault For The Recent Oscar Oops Had To Hire Bodyguards Because Of Death Threats!

brian-cullinan-martha-ruiz-d174a554-7fdc-4681-9466-7916e2c6af2b.jpgPhoto credit: NBC

Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz are the ones to blame for the recent mix up at the Oscars when Warren Beatty announced the wrong winner for “best picture.” On camera, everyone seemed to be a good sport about it but now things are getting scary.

Since the big night, the PricewaterhouseCoopers accountants Cullinan and Ruiz have been receiving threatening messages online which are making them fear for their lives. Reported on TMZ, some of the messages include things like, “You f****** idiot, I will f*** you every day” … and “I hope you get fired and get cancer.”

The accountants have since hired body guards to protect them against any harm. Although they won’t be getting fired, they won’t be allowed to work the awards show ever again.

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