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Uh Oh! Reggie Bush’s Side Piece Pockets $3 Million And Now She Wants More!

Unknown.jpegPhoto credit: LoveBscott (Left: Reggie Bush, Right: Monique Exposito)

Things aren’t looking too good in Reggie Bush’s world. It looks like he just took a huge L.

Back in November, there were rumors going around that he was having an affair on his wife with a Miami woman named Monique Exposito. Although she is married too, that didn’t stop the pair from hooking up enough times for his mistress to get pregnant.

Bush gave Expositio $3 million to get rid of the baby and to keep quiet about it. She did neither one.

After having the baby she realized that she is going to want child support but get this. The baby might not even be the Buffalo Bills running backs! Reported on TotalSports, the father could be any one of these men, Alonzo Mourning, Boxer Steed Woodall, Marlins Giancarlo Stanton, Reggie Bush, or her Husband Alex Bastin.

Bush says he’s not giving her anymore money until he gets a DNA test. Watch out Murray, this could get ugly!

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