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Whoa! People Are Coming For #MeganGood Over Her Crop Top! Is It That Serious?


It’s safe to say that Megan Good can pull off any hairstyle or outfit just because of her beauty and poise. The actress posted this picture of her new cut and color and while some are loving it, many are bashing her for the outfit she’s wearing.

The Waste Deep costar changed her life around after meeting her now husband Devon Franklin who’s a minister and a movie producer. They met back when she was filming Jump The Broom.

Devon, who is deeply rooted by his Christian faith had choose to be obedient to God and wait to have sex until marriage. Megan had decided to take on the same celibacy journey until they had tied the knot.

About a year or so later, Megan still receives backlash from people in religious communities saying that she’s not “Christian” enough. When she posted this photo people were saying that her crop top is “inappropriate.”

The superstar was not going to stay silent about what some folks had to say, check out the comments.





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