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Recap #StreetSoldiers Hosted By @LisaEvers – ‘The Legacy Of The #NotoriousBIG Lives On’

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For 20 years the murder of one of rap’s most iconic legends, the Notorious B.I.G has remained an unsolved mystery. Back in 1997, the Brooklyn emcee was killed in a drive by shooting in Los Angeles.

No arrest have been made and the killer is still out there.

Fox5 and Hot97’s reporter Lisa Evers did a special Street Soldiers tribute for the rapper featuring some of his closest friends, Lil Cease and CEO of The Heavy Hitter DJs, DJ Enuff, alongside journalist Miranda J. The panel reminisced over Biggie’s life, what happened the night he was killed, and his influence on the hip hop culture.

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Biggie’s best friend and member of Junior Mafia, Lil Cease remembers Big’s funny sense of humor and how he was always cracking jokes. B.I.G’s tour DJ at the time, DJ Enuff wishes that the world got to see more of his smile.

Miranda recalls how much of an influence Big Papa was while he was alive and his legacy continues to inspire some of the artist of today. “He influenced the urban community” Miranda said.

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Biggie’s mentor Puff Daddy put a “polish” on the Notorious B.I.G which made the everyday guy from the hood want to step his fashion game up. Christopher Wallace grew up in the streets on Brooklyn at a time when it wasn’t attractive so for people to see his success, it had a positive impact on the culture as a whole.

Watch the full show on FOX5 here

Back in the 90’s when “rap beef” first emerged, a war between the East Coast and the West Coast began to form. Although Biggie and the late Tupac were feuding, DJ Enuff and Lil Cease remember how B.I.G wanted to dead the beef with his West Coast rivalry Tupac. Unfortunately, that day never came.

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During the discussion Lil Cease says how he regrets agreeing with Biggie to go out that night he was killed. They had been out in LA working on some projects and needed a night to unwind. Cease says that at the party, everything seemed cool, there were no problems in the club and they were having a good time. It wasn’t until they left that the nightmare happened.

Enuff said that before his death, he had a “pre notion” that something bad was going to happen to his friend. Possibly even Biggie had felt this too, with his album title, Life After Death, that featured a photo of him next to a hearse. His lyrics even hinted at something tragic happening to him.

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DJ Enuff remembers the day he got the shocking news and said he “didn’t even ask what happened.” Tensions were so high during that time that although the world wasn’t ready for Big Papa be taken away, they saw that this day could come.

Lisa Evers asked the panel to reveal if the myth about Biggie being able to record songs off of his memory was true and indeed it was. Cease said how at first B.I.G would write his raps on paper but then after a while he started to do it all from his head. This is what made Biggie such a rap phenomenon. Rappers today are still pulling lines from his songs and turning it into their own.

Listen to the full interview on HOT97 here

The Notorious B.I.G had business plans not only for him, but for his crew. Junior Mafia was a group he put together and he was going to make everyone in it “big” stars. Biggie also wanted to open up a restaurant and a trendy big and tall store.

Biggie’s influence will always be remembered in the hip hop culture and like Lil Cease said, “if you want to be a dope artist, you have to study B.I.G.”

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