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#LoveSoldiers Ep. 12 With @LisaEvers + #NewzGirlz – ‘#Spring Clean Your Love Life’

#LoveSoldiers – Episode 12 – “Spring Clean Your Love Life”

With the weather starting to change marks the end of “cuffing season” and now spring love is officially here. Has your relationship blossomed or is it time to plant new seeds?

On the latest episode of Love Soldiers Live hosted by Fox5/Hot97 reporter, Lisa Evers and the newzgirlz, they talked about how you can “spring clean your love life.”

If you haven’t found the right one yet or maybe things didn’t work out with someone you had your hopes on, don’t give up now. A true love soldier knows that once you accept the outcome of your situation, get back to doing things that make you happy and begin to feel really good about yourself, you’ll attract someone who’ll set your soul on fire.


If you’re in search of something different, Lisa suggests one small thing you can do that doesn’t require going out on a date. Consider buying a new colorful plant that you can put by your window or your desk so that you can watch it grow. It’s “good feng shui that brings in new energy” Lisa said. Amantha added that it’s also something fresh and reminds you that love is growing.

An anonymous question was asked, “how do you clean up an old relationship?” The best way to do it is to think about the connection you had with your partner when it was at its best and if it’s good enough for you then give it a second try. If they’ve “committed a crime against you” or it’s a “deal breaker” as Lisa calls it, then remind yourself that you deserve a chance to be with someone who treats you better. Constantly breaking up to make up can drain your energy.

Lisa believes that if you do give a second chance, you have to go in it with a fresh mindset and sort of “start from the beginning.” Let them know the things that bothers you and find out what you can improve on from their perspective. Amantha advised that if you do take a person back, don’t bring up their past mistakes.

Another viewer asked the panel,


Three simple things. Lisa says that you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself and to just go with the flow. Find an outfit you feel good in and ask yourself what makes you happy. Amantha believes you should “be the person you want to attract.” When you go out there and you keep these things in mind, you’ll attract someone organically.

One of the commentators gave out amazing advice that everyone could agree with.


Lisa reminds people that although you may give someone a second chance, six months down the line you may realize that while you’re evolving, your partner may not be changing at all and that could be a deal breaker for you.

If after you’ve bought your new house plant like Lisa suggested earlier and you are still looking for something “new” try doing something that you don’t usually do, like date outside of your “type.”


Lisa highly recommends dating the “pair and the spare” which means you causally date three guys at once (not to be confused with sleeping with three guys at once which is not cute). You have your “front runner” then another guy whose almost as good as the first one and then the third fella is usually the one that you’re not supper attracted to, but he’s always there for you.

This takes the pressure off of the other guys because in the early stages as much as you may like the person, you need to give them enough space so that they don’t sense that you’re “sweating them.” The way females have intuition, guys can sense when a woman is coming on too strong and wants to rush into a relationship.

Newzgirl Susannie wanted to know what do you tell a guy if he asks you if you’re dating other people. Lisa first suggests that although you may be going out on dates with a few people don’t boast about it. Simply tell them gently that you’re a single lady and that you’re just causally dating right now. You should also take their interest in your dating life as a compliment because it means that they’re interested!

If on the flip side you’re dating someone and you feel them pulling back and you two aren’t communicating as much it means that it’s time to go into “love soldiers reboot mode.”

This is when you start to fall back, space out your responses, and don’t initiate contact. Under no circumstances should you talk to them and ask, “why aren’t you calling me as much.” If you do then you’ll lose out on your feminine power. Always remember that if a man wants you, nothing will keep him from chasing you.

The men aren’t the only ones that can end relationships. Ladies sometimes we want to break things off and the best way to do that is to kindly let him know that you want to see other people.

If you’re still in search of that new feeling, the best place to start is with you. Lisa just picked up this trend and recommends people to try it also. Choose one thing every week that you want to work on or something that you’ve been telling yourself that you want to do and just do it. It could be something small that’ll have a big impact on your life and it will also get positive energy moving and growing around you.

Have a happy and prosperous spring 2017!!!


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