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#WyclefJean Says He Was ‘Scared For His Life’ After He Was Stopped By L.A. County Sheriffs

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Rapper Wyclef Jean was stopped in West Hollywood on Tuesday after he was mistaken for being the suspect of an armed robbery who was driving a similar car and wearing almost the same outfit. The musician claims he was “scared for his life” and wants to file a formal racial profiling investigation.

Jean went on Good Morning America to tell his side of things reported on The Fader he said, “I got a chance to what happens with a citizen versus the police first hand. And, I have to tell you, I was scared for my life to the point where I could’ve acted different. If I had acted different, something else would’ve happened.” He also claims that he was “targeted as a black man.”

The article also states that the Sheriff’s Department says that their officers were just doing their job. “However, Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriffs are frequently required to make lawful detentions, under the strict parameters provided by law, in the interest of catching often dangerous and armed suspects in our communities and keeping the public safe.”

The officers claim that the rapper didn’t put his hands on his waist while he was at his trunk when they asked him too and Jean is saying that they are lying. He says that once he was stopped, he had no time to go to his trunk, they were “all over him” according to TMZ.


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