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#LoveSoldiers Hosted By @LisaEvers + The #NewzGirlz ‘Respect & Addictions’

#LoveSoldiers – Episode 13 – “Respect and Addictions”

Aside from unconditional love, food, affection and attention, what do women really want? Aretha Franklin said it best,

just a little bit of r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

On the latest episode of Love Soldiers hosted by Fox5 and Hot97 reporter Lisa Evers, alongside newzgirl Susannie, you’ll “find out” that respect is a key factor in any relationship – romantic or platonic, and it sets the tone for how you’ll be treated. Remember, what you allow in the beginning will continue so make sure you don’t let something slide if it’s bothering you on the inside.

Often times, with women especially, when we are head over heals for someone, we tend to want to do a lot for them and always be there for them. Nothing is wrong with having a caring heart, but don’t let anyone take your kindness for weakness.

Don’t be anyone’s last minute plans, you’re not a contraceptive, in other words, you’re not a plan b! If someone wants to take you out on a date, make sure they’ve asked you in advanced and have something planned.

When you accept a “spur of the moment” night out, you set yourself up to not receive those planned trips or even a nice dinner reservation. A clever way to respond to a last minute invite is, “thanks but I already have plans, maybe another time.”

If you’re married or in a monogamous relationship, spur of the moment can add spunk to your love life. In the beginning stages of getting to know someone, last minute plans are a big no-no according to the love soldiers.

When someone respects you, they will respect your time. If you’re someone who carries themselves with dignity and self-worth, your personality will command respect, you wont have to demand it.

When you first start to date someone, you can tell what type of person you’re dealing with so if things are rocky at first, that could be a clear sign that it might be time to explore other options.

If things are going smoothly and then later down the line you notice that they have addictions, such as excessive drinking or even playing video games a lot, a true love soldier knows that saying “I don’t want you to do this” will NOT get them to stop! Depending on what they’re addicted to and how much they do it, Lisa suggests that at that point you have to decide if you want to “accept them the way they are or reject them.”

If you’re frustrated by their behavior, think about how it was when you first met. Lisa compares it to building a house. “If the foundation is shaky, what comes after is not going to be solid.”

Ladies, and gentlemen too, don’t think that you can change a person or that, “things will get better.” You are only setting yourself up for a huge let down.

Typically, when a man sees a woman, he can already decide what he wants to do with her. He knows if he wants to chase her or just have fun with her. So ladies if a guy is saying things like “lets see where this goes” it might not go anywhere.

#LoveSoldiersGirlCode101 – when a man is taking things slow with you, that’s a good thing because it means he really wants to get to know you and possibly build a future with you.

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