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#ChanceTheRapper Could Become The Mayor Of #Chicago

chance-the-rapper-2016-recPhoto source: DJ Booth

Chance The Rapper has been doing a lot of charitable work lately, helping out his community, donating large amounts of cash to nearly a dozen schools in need. The Chicago rapper could be taking things up a notch and I’m not talking about his music.

In 2019 Chicago will be in need of a new mayor. The website Chano4Mayor was created by a group of people who believe Chance has a chance at taking a seat in office. The devoted fans who created the site strongly believes that the “no problem” rapper would do a “good ass job.”

“You’re already making change in our city: your work supplying coats for people experiencing homelessness, your long-running Open Mike for high school students, and your million dollar donation to CPS all demonstrate a commitment to empowering Chicago’s marginalized populations. You’d send a message that Chicago is ready for a new generation of leadership.”

The “Chano4mayor team” also wrote, “you don’t have to decide right now. 2019 is kind of a long way away. But the people are screaming for you, and Chicago is hungry for change. Think about it…”

I’d love to see Chance the Rapper in office before Kanye West! #JustSaying!

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