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This Exotic Dancer Gets Dirty! And It’s Not On The Dance Floor!

strippers_busted-2.jpgPhoto source: NYP

A crew of NY strippers got real dirty, and it wasn’t on stage.

These night life women drugged wealthy club patrons so that they could rob and then blackmail them. The ring leader, 40-year-old Samantha Barbash and her girls would give the men tranquilizers and then take them to the various gentlemen’s clubs in the city.

The women racked up tens of thousands of dollars in charges officials said. Reported on NYP, “the tabs included lap dances, pricey magnums of champagne, multiple rounds of Patron tequila, and ‘generous’ tips, said one law enforcement source.”

According to police, some of the victims had no recollection of going to the club and only found out when they received their credit card statement.

The article also says that the men who tried to speak out about it were then threatened by XXX photos that the girls took of them while they were drugged up without their consent.

“The scheme was uncovered when Dr. Zyad Younan reported the scam to authorities. Pascucci lured him to Scores in 2013, drugged him and racked up $135,000 worth of charges on his credit card.”

Barbash plead guilty to conspiracy, assault and grand larceny in exchange for five years behind bars. The rest of the women received lighter punishment, probation and two weekends in jail.


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