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Uh Oh! The Feds Are Watching #LilWayne & #ChrisBrown!

wayne-chris.jpgPhoto credit: RapUp

I would think A list celebs would have certain people that would purchase their party goods for them……So their names don’t get mixed in the media, you know?

Oops, you didn’t just read that.

Anyhow, looks like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown drug man got busted and could be taking them down with him.

Miami music producer Cuban Harry Garcia is under the fed’s radar for an alleged drug operation. Officials believe that Garcia sold $15,000 worth of lean and possibly other drugs to C Breezy after they examined a wire transfer that Brown made to Garcia.

Law enforcement also took into account some incriminating texts between Weezy and the music producer where they were talking about the exchange for cash and drugs. The Miami Herald reports that Garcia admitted to investigators that he sold “a lot of narcotics” to Lil Wayne.

Things could turn out bad for the rappers if they are convicted.


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