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[VIDEO] – Rap Group #Migos Kicked Off A #Delta Flight, Manager Claims Racial Profiling

Another airline horror story?

At least this time no one was dragged off or found any dead animals in their luggage.

Friday night, rap trio Migos was at an Atlanta airport on their way to Iowa for a concert until they were “kindly” kicked off. According to TMZ, a flight attendant asked Takeoff to move his bags from the isle and place it in the overhead bin.

“A spokesman for the company said Migos ‘repeatedly refused to follow crew member instructions to buckle their seatbelts and stow carry-on in overhead bins,’ which resulted in Takeoff being booted from the airliner.” (Source: NYDN)

The rest of the group members, Offset and Quavo, alongside their manager proceeded to get off the plane as well. In the video, you can hear Migos’ manager pleading their case, saying that his clients did nothing wrong. He even suggests that Takeoff was kicked off due to racial profiling.

“We have been so calm right now,” the manager says. “We need to see the captain. You kicked us off a plane for doing absolutely nothing.”

In the end, Delta gave Migos and their manager their own private plane.

BOOM! Problem solved.migos-2016-billboard-1548.jpgPhoto credit: Billboard

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