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Too Late To Say Sorry? You Won’t Believe How Many Countries #JustinBieber Is BANNED From!

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The boy next door has suddenly become a pop star bad boy.

The Canadian singer has racked up another country ban due to his “bad” behavior. His latest place to turn him away is China because of his actions in their land and on American soil.

According to NYDN

“Beijing’s Municipal Bureau of Culture declined to say what, specifically, made Bieber an enemy of the People’s Republic, but he may have offended Chinese officials with two acts: clowning around at the Great Wall in 2013 and posing at a shrine honoring Imperial Japanese war criminals a year later.”

At the age of 23 the Biebz has gotten himself banned from a total of 9 countries – China, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, The Netherlands, Turkey, U.S, and his home country, Canada. 

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