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HISTORIC Hoopty Up For Sale! How Much Would You Pay For OJ Simpson’s White Bronco?

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Why would anyone want to buy an old white hoopty that was used in a low speed chase? Welp simply because OJ Simpson’s case will always be a part of American history so in a sense whoever owns the car will be part of history too?

Well not exactly. You’ll just be known as the person who coughed up the dough for the historic ride.

Looks like someone will have their chance. Reported on NYDN,

Simpson’s former agent Mike Gilbert — who has owned the car the past 22 years — will attempt to sell the Ford vehicle on Monday’s episode of “Pawn Stars.”

Gilbert bought the Bronco from Simpson’s friend Al Cowlings and kept it out of the public eye for years to prevent people from trying to “tour” it. It quickly became an attraction in 1994 after Cowlings drove it 60 miles down a Los Angeles freeway with “the juice” in it who was holding a gun in the backseat, as LAPD chased them. The whole thing last about an hour until Cowlings and Simpson arrived at Simpson’s Brentwood home and they surrendered.

The chase happened the day OJ was supposed to turn himself in for connections with the murder of his former wife Nicole Brown and friend Ron Goldman. He was found not guilty but did spend time behind bars in 2008 after being charged with kidnapping and armed robbery after he tried to reclaim items that belonged to him. He could be out as early as October 1 after being granted parole.

As far as the cash for the car? Glibert said someone once offered him $500,000 for it. Whatever money he does get, he wants to give it to his children.

SOURCE: Western Journal





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