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A couple weeks ago the chaos in charlottesville left one woman dead as white nationalist rallyed to take America back. NeoNatizs & KkK members gathered up to protect their confederate statue from being taken down. Counter protesters showed up and that’s when the protesters became violent & dangerous.

Since then many states have removed their confederate statues. An ESPN employee that as the same name as one of the confederate statues Robert e lee , but no relation or affiliation, was fired from a University of VA broadcast in order to avoid anymore conflict.

Charlottesville put black tarps around the confederate statues to mourn the death of Heather Heyer. The white nationalist who led the rally turned himself in today.

But what’s the solution for the statues? Replace them perhaps? But with who? Welp why not Missy elliot? A petition has already been made & its already received 31,000 signatures! Only about 3,500 more to go!

How dope would that be for the culture?


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