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#Rihanna’s BRILLIANT Way For Raising $840,000 For Charity At Her #DiamondBall

Photo credit: (Instagram)

Pour it up pour it up, watch em all donate! 

For the past theee years, Pop Princess Rihanna has put together a Diamond Ball, an event aimed at raising money for her foundation. What better way to get your rich celebrity friends to give you money by getting them drunk!

Reported on USA Today, the Barbadian beauty was acting like a bartender last night at her event, “encouraging the audience to drink up and donate money to her foundation at the same time.”

Photo credit: (Instagram)

“The more you drink, the more inspired you’ll be to donate money … and help kids around the world,” said Rihanna, the founder of the Clara Lionel Foundation, which promotes education and arts globally.”

Hollywood stars like Dave Chappel purchased a Retna art piece for $180,000, and celebs like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx were in the building.

All together she raised $840,000. Those must have been some mighty good drinks! 

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