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#Mexico Faces ANOTHER Crazy #Earthquake This Month, Keep #MexicoCity In Your Prayers 🙏🏽

Photo credit: NBC news

Mexico got hit with another deadly earthquake, this time taking its toll on the city.

Mexico City faced a 7.1 earthquake on Tuesday, causing buildings, schools, and homes to fall to the ground. At least 225 dead according to news sites.
Rescuers suited up yesterday to search for survivors. Reported on CNN, “dozens of buildings in Central Mexico” turned into “dust and debris.”



​Video source: Instagram (@peopleenespanol )

The area is home to more than 21 million people and is a frequently traveled tourist location.

Just two weeks ago another part of Mexico was hit with another powerful earthquake. That one was a 8.1 magnitude and had a death toll that surpassed 200.

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