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#PuertoRico #Update – Trump Has Waived The Jones Act, Now Help Can Quickly Get To The Island

Photo credit: Instagram (@puertoricangram)

Trump is finally helping Hurricane Maria victims in PR after a little over a week.

Wednesday evening The Whitehouse authorized a waiver that will allow shipping supplies to get to those in need quickly. Food, gas, and medicine had arrived but due to no power, truck drivers were unable to be contacted.

Photo credit: Instagram (@puertoricangram)

 The 3.4 million residents on the island are still left with no power. Food, water, and vital supplies are running low. Banks are running out of cash.

Trump said he plans on visiting the island on Tuesday. Celebrities like JLo donated a million towards relief and Pitbull took his own private jet to help out.

Photo credit: Instagram (@jlo)

Trump is treating PR like a second class citizen when they are part of the United States and deserve the help that any other state would get.

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