Robin Thede Brings Life To Late Night TV With Her HILARIOUS Show #TheRundownBET


Sidenote: NO copyright intended. These videos belong to YouTube, Viacom, The Rundown, Robin Thede, I don’t own the rights to these videos. No copyright intended. Be sure to watch The Rundown on BET or on DEMAND every Thursday at 11 pm. OR be apart of the LIT live audience! Just type Robin Thede The rundown free tickets in google 🙂

If you haven’t watched The Rundown on BET with Robin Thede you are MISSING OUT!!! She’s funny, raw, real, and is breaking ground in her career, I think she’s on to something. & You GOTTTTTTA see her signature BODY ROLLS!!

You know whats better than watching it on TV? Being IN THE AUDIENCE ! Come see a show LIVE for FREE! Just go to google and type Robin Thede Therundown tickets.

unnamed-8Photo credit: IG @RobinThede

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