For Women’s History Month We Honor @RobinThede – First Lady In Late Night Body Rolling Her Way To The Top!

unnamed-16Photo credit: IG

Host of “black twitter on tv” aka The Rundown, Robin Thede is breaking ground in her career and she’s body rolling while doing it.

Robin Thede is ridiculously funny and her show includes politics, pop/urban culture, crazy news stories you won’t believe, and hilarious but meaningful sketches about racism in our society. This is what late night TV was missing, not only the content but a BLACK WOMAN delivering it!

Thede first made history when she became head writer for a late-night talk show, The  Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. Her show The Rundown made her make history again, being the only black woman with a late night talk show on TV. Her show is also ran by ALL FEMALE! Wow! Work goals!

She was even the inspiration behind this Obama painting.

unnamed-18.jpgPhoto credit: IG

LOL JK! But hey, black girl magic is real I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.

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