#SpotlightSunday ✨ 11-Year-Old Girl #ZoeTerry Is On A Mission To End Bullying

Photo Credit: IG

Zoe Terry is an 11-year-old CEO from Miami, Florida making history and making a HUGE difference in the world.

CEO of Zoe Doll’s is an organization that focuses on empowering girls and anti-bullying. Her company includes fitness, self-expression events in different cities around the world.

Photo credit: IG

Her philanthropy work began when she was only five. After being bullied for her skin color and “puffy hair” she wanted other brown girls to love their image so she began giving out dolls of color to young girls.

Photo credit: IG

Photo credit: IG

Last November she made history as Nickelodeon’s youngest HALO winner (helping all leading others). “Terry has chapters of Zoe’s Dolls in South Florida, Mississippi, Texas and Georgia.” She donates to schools, churches, shelters, and foster homes. She’s also made an international impact helping girls in Haiti and Africa. She has given out close to 20,000 dolls since starting six years ago.” (Source: SFLTimes)

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