#Covergirl Is Making History In Makeup! Featuring A Model With Vitiligo For Their #IAmWhatIMakeUp Campaign – [SEE]

Article from People
“Model Amy Deanna has always looked up to the “influential, beautiful and inspiring” women who posed in CoverGirl’s campaigns. From Queen Latifah to Zendaya, she was inspired by the stars she saw in magazine pages, on billboards and on television commercials, modeling the brand’s makeup. But as much as she admired the brand’s faces, she never saw herself reflected in them.
Now, as the face of the CoverGirl’s latest #IAmWhatIMakeUp campaign, Amy is making her mark as the company’s first spokesmodel with vitiligo, and proving that inclusivity is necessary — and possible — in all aspects of the beauty world. We spoke to the star about why her role in the brand’s new commercial (below) is so important.
‘Vitiligo awareness is something that is very important to me. Being given a platform to do so means so much,” she tells PeopleStyle of her gig as the new face of the brand’s TruBlend foundation. “I welcome all appropriate questions about vitiligo. At the end of the day I am just like everyone else, I just happen to have spots. It’s a part of my identity, but it doesn’t define who I am … For there to be so many of us and so little representation, it’s truly disheartening. I work with CoverGirl; I’m a black woman; I have vitiligo. That is empowering.'” (SOURCE: PEOPLE)

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