Celebrity Cake Baker Debbie Wingham Designed A LIFESIZE #KimKardashian Cake! – [Read MORE]


You want that…cake cake cake?


[Article clip from SunSentinel]

“The life-size cake was built with 85 boxes of Rice Krispies cereal, over 30,000 mini-marshmallows, 33 pounds of fondant, and 13 pounds of chocolate. Every component – including a 3-D-printed face and faux-leather Balenciaga “bants” (pants with built-in boots) – is edible and handcrafted by Wingham herself.” [SOURCE: SunSentine]


Everything is edible except for the bling around the cake’s neck and arm (which cost $1.6 million). The husband of a professional Kim K look alike asked Wingham to make the cake for his wife. Wingham didn’t want anone being “disrespectful” and “eating” Kim’s private body parts so she made a separate cake for people to try.

Wingman holds the record for baking the most expensive cakes! Looks like I’ll never be booking her!


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