Former #CosbyShow Actress Explains Why She Protested Topless – [READ MORE]

Photo credit: IG

Former “The Cosby Show” actress Nicolle Rochelle protested topless during the Bill Cosby trial. In the video you see her hop the gate and then try to out run the police until they catch her.

Video Credit: YouTube

Nicolle told NYDN that she wanted to “get in his face.” “I just wanted him to feel my presence and to feel uncomfortable. I didn’t want him to just walk like, “la-di-da, it’s a normal day.” I have my regular dignity, and I did nothing.” She went on to say that since he’s made women feel “uncomfortable” for years, she wanted to do the same to him.

In the article she said she chose to go topless because she wanted to use her body as a “political statement” & not a “sexual object, like he did to other women.”

Although she personally was never assaulted by the comedian, she knows that a lot of people are for him and wanted to show people that she is definitely against him.

Nicolle was put in cuffs and spent a few hours in bookings without having to give her fingerprints. If convicted she’ll have to pay a fine.

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