15 Year Old Singer/Songwriter #TayahnaWalcott Talks About Her #BlackLivesMatter Inspired Song ‘Stereotypes’ – Watch Interview

15 years on Earth but Tayahna Walcott is definitely an old soul that was here before. This young queen sings, raps, writes her own music, and is a musician, a true artist with many talents.

She began performing with her older brother when she was six years old and began taking music serious since she was nine. You can check out her YouTube channel, make sure you like and subscribe!

You can also support her music by purchasing her songs on iTunes.


The “peaceful rebel” just dropped a super dope visual to her latest single “stereotypes.” The song was inspired by the black lives matter movement and Tayahna wanted to use her voice to represent the voiceless. During the interview she breaks down the meaning of the song and you won’t believe how old she actually was when she wrote it in her living room!

This beautiful soul is filled with talent, knowledge, and power, get familiar with her now, she will take over the industry and will bring REAL MUSIC back!


Check out her visual for “stereotypes.”


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