Leave Your Hollering Aunts Home For Graduation Bc A South Carolina HS Is Fining Families $1000 For Cheering Too Loud

A South Carolina High School sparked controversy after they showed a presentation to their students warning them that if their families cheered at graduation, they could be fined up to $1030. Reported on GreenvilleOnline, “school officials have urged graduating seniors and their families to make commencements dignified occasions, and excessive cheering can cause delays in the ceremonies.” The school believes excessive cheering will hold up the process.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 6.19.13 PM

The article also says the school district said the presentation was only meant to show students that guests “could” be punished by police if they cause too much of a disturbance. Law enforcement won’t actually be giving out the citations, in fact no one will. PEOPLE reports,

“While it’s true our police officers will be on hand to maintain peace and order at the county’s eight graduations at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena, we will not be issuing citations to attendees for simply cheering, whistling, or applauding during the ceremonies.”

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