Bob Marley’s Granddaughter Is Demanding Change After Air BnB’ing While Black – [READ MORE]

unnamedPhoto credit: IG @iamdonisha

Seems like we can’t do anything things days although these hashtags like “starbukcing while black” and “going to prom while black” are comical, they stem from real stories and underline a real issue in this society. Racism.

Last month, filmmaker Donisha Prendergast also known as the legendary Bob Marley’s granddaughter was vacationing in South Carolina with friends and stayed at an AirBnB. A nosey neighbor didn’t recognize who the guest were, called the police and said three black people were robbing the house they paid money to stay in. When authorities  arrived, Donisha had a hard time proving to the cops that they were guest in the home. The police thought they had faked the phone call of the home owner.

Reported on Daily News, Donisha wants more than an apology, she wants change. “Just because we’re alive to tell the story doesn’t mean that everything is all right. Individuals have to be accountable,” the icon’s granddaughter told the news.


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