Woman Falls Madly In Love After 1 Date, Sends 65,000 Messages To Her Cyber Crush – [Read More, Watch Video]

Photo credit: Inforum

Be careful online dating folks! 😱 31 yo Jacqueline Claire Ades is behind bars after allegedly sending her cyber lover 65,000 text messages.

Jacqueline met a man through a verified millionaire dating site initially last summer. Reports say she fell madly in love after one date but he didn’t feel the same.

Photo credit: Inforum

Love drove her to pop up at his job to pose as his “wife” and she even threatened to kill him if he leaves. Earlier in April the man was out of the country and security footage revealed that she showed up to his house, broke in, and took a bath. Police showed up and saw she had a butcher knife sitting on the passenger side of her door. She was charged with trespassing and then released.

Later in April is when she sent threatening messages to the unidentified man and authorities had to get involved. She was arrested again and sent to jail.

When a reporter asked if sending so many messages was excessive, Jacqueline replied, “That’s it? To me it seemed like more. Love is an excessive thing.” ❤️📱🤯

She is currently facing charges of threatening, stalking, h, stalking,harassment, and failure to appear.

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