Cha Ching 💰 Former #Chipotle Manager Wins $8 Million For Being Wrongfully Terminated

Cha Ching 💰 Jeanette Ortiz, a former Chipotle manager wins a $8 million lawsuit after she was accused of stealing $626 in cash from a safe at her job. When Ms. Ortiz asked to see the footage she was told it was destroyed. A California court awarded her $7.97 million for wrongful termination.

Reported on Newsweek,

“The jury found that Ortiz was the victim of a plot by Chipotle bosses to defame and sack her, after she filed a worker’s compensation claim for a job-related injury to her wrist.

Attorney Robert Hinckley, who defended Chipotle, said that it was not company policy to show video evidence to employees, and that the footage was destroyed by accident.

On Monday the parties will return to court again, to determine how much Chipotle must pay in punitive damages to Ortiz for maliciously firing her.” (Source:Newsweek)

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