New Parents #RayJ & #Princess Want Their New Born Baby Melody Love To Live A ‘Peaceful’ Life – [READ MORE + PHOTOS]

Meet Melody Love Norwood 🌸🍼 First time parents Ray J, 37, and Princess Love, 33, welcomed their baby girl May 24 at a LA hospital after a difficult 28-hour labor.

Princess told @okmagazine “I went 27 hours until my epidural, but I was barely dilating, I wanted it over with. I tried for as long as I could, I’m okay with that. The doctor didn’t tell me until the next morning, but the cord was wrapped around her neck and feet and in a knot. She was stuck, her heart rate was so high, but they didn’t know anything was wrong until they took her out, she didn’t cry at first, but thankfully she was okay and weighed 7lbs

#BabyLove is adjusting to the new LA condo her parents moved to and Ray J still doesn’t know how to change her diaper. Overall they just want their daughter to have a “peaceful” life. 👨‍👩‍👧❤️🙏🏽

📸: @okmagazine / Colman-Rayner

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