SpotlightSunday ✨ Say hello to the BLACK #WALLSTREET ✊🏾👔👗💼 – An ATL Couple Makes HISTORY! – [Read More]

An atlanta couple turned $500 into $6.5 MILLION in just 40 hours💰💰💰LEGIT TOO!

Reported on TSR, “Ernestine Johnson and her fiancé Jay Morrison launched the first 100% black owned SEC Regulation A, Tier 2 real estate crowdfund ever! The couple tells us that this fund was “designed for non-accredited investors to begin a journey of wealth building.“ With an investment of $500, investors will receive 10 shares of ownership unlike the industry standard. Each investor receives an 8% preferred return and 50% of their prorated share of the profits making everyone an equity partner.

This allows everyday working class people and non-accredited investors the chance to invest in real estate assets!

Ernestine and Jay’s ultimate goal is to stop generational curses and build generational wealth!”

Source: TSR

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