Uh Oh .. Angelina Jolie Was Ordered By The Court To Tell Her Kids W/ Brad Pit That They MUST Have A Relationship With Their Dad


Photo credit: Metro

(Article snippet from CNN)

“Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s custody dispute over their six children continues more than 20 months after filing for divorce.


According to a court order obtained by CNN and issued last week, Jolie is required to tell their children that the “court has determined that not having a relationship with their father is harmful to them,” that they are “safe with their father,” and that having a healthy relationship with both parents is “critical.”
Pitt and Jolie have three sons and three daughters, ages 16 and under.
The order outlines a shared custody schedule for the summer in which the children will split their time between Los Angeles and London, with Jolie maintaining primary physical custody.
Pitt was granted unrestricted phone access to the children.
In the court documents, the judge advised Jolie the custody arrangement was subject to change.
SOURCE/Full article CNN

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