Children As Young As 8-Months Are Being Taken Away From Their Parents Because Of Trump’s ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Immigration Policy – {READ MORE]

Reported on NBC news,

“Under pressure from members of his own party, President Donald Trump signed an executive order stopping the division of families, saying, “I didn’t like the sight of families being separated.” But can we really trust Trump? The next video is just a glimpse at what is really happening at the border.

Trump signed an executive order today to “keep families together at the border” but says the “zero-tolerance” prosecution policy will continue. Within 6 weeks, nearly 2,000 migrant children within 17 states have been separated from their families while crossing the U.S.–Mexico border under the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy.

On average, 45 migrant children are being ripped from their families per day and placed in detention centers on their own. The conditions are said to be similar to jail. Children as young as 8months old are being taken away from mom & dad. One mother had her child taken away from her as she was breastfeeding.

By Trump signing the executive order it will reverse the policy that he put in place, meaning families won’t be separated. He didn’t have the authority to force the policy in the first place according to the White House.

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