#JusticeForJunior UPDATE – 2 Killers Caught + Bodega Shut Down + Fam/Friends & Celebs Pay Their Respect – [READ MORE]

Photo credit: @Teatenders_live

15yo Junior dreamed of being a police officer and that dream was killed when gang members ended his life ultimate over mistaken identity.

This story is so heartbreaking. A 15yo Bronx kid’s life was taken at the hands of 5 viscous gang members who attacked him over mistaken identity. The five members of the Trinitarios crew, a Dominican gang had it out for a boy they saw in a sex video with their one of their sisters.

Photo credit: @Teatenders_live

The image on the bottom left is an image from the sex video where you can see (just google it) the girl consented to the video and seemed to be enjoying herself. The boy on the left is not the same kid on the right. The one on the left is who the gang members meant to kill.

The gang leader apologized for the killing and said the five men are no longer apart of their gang, according to NYP.

Photo credit: @Teatenders_live

Photo credit: @Teatenders_live

These are the faces of the five men who took an innocent kid’s life away. Junior’s family and the Bronx community is even more angry at the Bodega owners who did nothing. They watched the attackers come in their store, stabbed this kid up and didn’t call the police.

Video credit: @Teatenders_live

Junior was less than a block away from the hospital but didn’t make it in time. The community wants people to boycott the bodega located at 526 E. 183rd Bronx, NY.

The Bodega was shut down as of today. Should the owners be held accountable? They basically witnessed a murder & did nothing about it.

Photo credit: @Teatenders_live

Family and friends showed their support for Junior and showed up to his vigil.

Celebrities like Cardi B and LaLa showed their support by Cardi B posted about it on her IG and LALA went to the candle lighting.

This story is still developing. I’ve read that 2 of the suspects have been caught although there aren’t any news sources out yet to back that up. One of the suspects mom turned him in as he was trying to escape to DR.

Other social media reports claim that one of the killers even went to Junior’s candle lighting wearing a #RIPJunior shirt.

I truly pray for justice for this young king. This didn’t have to happen but what does need to happen is JUSTICE! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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