So Sad 💔 A Maryland Shooter Targeted A News Paper Because He Had A Personal Vendetta Against Them – Kills 5 [READ MORE]

Photo credit: NYDN

On Thursday afternoon a gunman walked into the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland with a shot gun and killed five employees according to authorities.

Photo credit: 4C

Police responded within 60 seconds and detained the shooter who is now identified as 38-year-old Jarrod W. Ramos who had hatred toward the newspaper because a columnist wrote about a criminal harassment case against him. Ramos filed a lawsuit for defamation against the paper but lost, so authorities strongly believe this attack was targeted.

Photo credit: here

The columnist, editor, or publisher from the harassment case were not there. Initially Ramons made it difficult for Police to identify who he was because he damaged his fingerprints but they were able to find him through face recognition technology.

Photo credit: NYDN

Journalist hid for their lives under their desks, tweeting out the chilling details. They describe the scene as a “war zone.” Police have the shooter in custody.


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