Tommie Out Rocking Her Ankle Monitor

unnamed-28Photo credit: @teatenderslive_

Article clip from HNH

“According to TMZ, Lee was fittied with an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet, as a condition for her bail on two open legal cases in Fulton County, Georgia, one of which was a DUI arrest from 2016, while the other stemmed from an incident where Lee allegedly threw hands at a jewelry store employee at a mall.

An employee named Daniella reportedly got into an argument with Lee over her behavior, which was when the fight started. Police viewed security camera footage which showed Lee climbing around the counter in order to fight Daniella. As a result, Lee has been charged with battery with substantial harm.

Until these cases are both resolved, ordered the judge, Lee isn’t allowed to consume any alcohol at all. She won’t be able to hide it either, as the device supposedly detects alcohol levels through sweat, and does so every 30 minutes. The cost of the machine isn’t covered by the court, so the $500 a month the machine costs to operate will have to come out of Lee’s pocket.”

SOURCE/Read full article HERE

unnamed-29.jpgPhoto credit: @teatenderslive_

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