Rising Bronx Rapper Young Ash Busted For Scamming – [READ MORE]

Photo credit: IG @youngashmusic

Chicks just out here on they BONNiE no CLYDE ish! – Rising rapper 22-year-old Young Ash from the Bronx is facing a 74-count indictment along with six other individuals who were allegedly stealing identities.

Photo credit: IG @youngashmusic

According to NYDN, 32-year-old Gabriel Molina, was the ringleader, working at 63rd West Realty and “cracked” bank accounts from there. The DA’s office claims Young Ash used her fame to lure younger people in to hand over their bank information. She had those “turn $20 into $20 bands” typa post. She pleaded not guilty and was released w/o bail. The MC took to her IG to clear her name. “I did not scam my fans they are my hearts I would never hurt them.”

Photo credit: IG @youngashmusic

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