A Father Is Fatally Shot Over A Parking Space & Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Protects The Cold Blooded Killer – [READ MORE]

In Florida, a dispute over a parking space led to a Father’s death and the gunman won’t face any charges. Last week at a corner store 24-year-old Brittnay Jacobs was waiting in her car while her boyfriend/child’s father went inside the store.

The woman had the car in a handicapped space, which upset 48-year-old Michael Drejka who ended up arguing with the woman. Her man, 28-year-old Markeis McGlockton went to confront the coward and pushed him to the ground. The coward responded by pulling a gun out on Markeis and shot him in front of his 5yo son.

Due to Florida’s stand your ground law, the coward won’t be facing any charges as of right now. Brittany told the news, “It shouldn’t be right because he came approaching me and all Markeis did was try to protect us and protect this family and it’s wrong because he shot fire in front of my son.”


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