Ciara Personally Visits The Winner Of The #LevelUpChallenge – [READ MORE]

Meaningful Challenge – Ciara’s smashing new hit “Level Up” has everybody getting off their feet & moving to the beat!

Even this 1yo WARRIOR Kristian who was born with Trisomy 21 aka Down syndrome & was recently diagnosed with cancer (leukemia).

Mom & Dad, @josilynethomasphotography @kennyclutch_ was filled with JOY when @Ciara personally came to their dance studio, @leveldancecomplex to present them as the winners for the #LevelUpChallenge.

@KennyClutch_ is a choreographer and uses dancing as a way to stay positive. He’s an advocate for @downtodance, a non profit org. that uses the art of dance to raise awareness about Down syndrome.

Kristian is making amazing progress as he is now in remission, one step closer to beating this fight! His parents, 3 other siblings, & IG shower him with love and support.

You can help him by sending prayers & copin a #FightKristian tee shirt (click link). Is it me or is Kristian THEEE cutest kid ever! He needs to be a @gapkids model! 👑💪🏽❤️🧢🍼

Photo credit: @KennyClutch_

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