Broke Protocol And Still Suspended WITH Pay? A Detroit Officer Beating And Punching Naked Mentally Ill Woman – [WATCH]

A Detroit police officer who was filmed beating a naked woman in a hospital has been suspended without pay and is under criminal investigation, The Detroit News reports. Earlier last week, police were responding to a call about a woman walking naked around the neighborhood. Police gave her a robe and took her to a nearby hospital and thats when things escalated.  She took off her robe and starting spitting and biting on the staff. Upon arriving to the facility, the officers failed to handcuff the patient which is a violation of protocol according to the Chief of Police James Craig.

In the In the disturbing video you see a black woman completely nude surrounded by three officers. The woman is screaming as the cops are trying to keep her calm. Then she spits  in one of the officer’s face and that’s when he punched and hit her repeatedly. The woman is in stable condition and was treated for minor injuries. Reported on DFP, “after the woman was subdued, officers reported the use of force to a supervisor per department regulations. An investigation was immediately opened and interviews with hospital staff and security have already been conducted.”

A person nearby recorded the video and the police were wearing body cameras but that footage hasn’t been released yet. The officer under investigation is an 18-year veteran and has never been involved in a “category one” incident but has had six minor ones. He’s currently suspended with pay. The Chief of Police said use of force “never looks good” to the public.


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