#FrenchMontana Tells #Billboard How He Got His Rap Name – [READ MORE]

Photo credit: Billboard

Haaaannn 🌊‼️ @frenchmontana is heating up the magazine stands with his @billboard cover.

Photo credit: Billboard

Karim Kharbouch came to America from Morocco when he was 13 & growing up in the South Bronx wasn’t easy, especially since he only spoke French. “If you walk into somewhere and you can’t speak English, everybody looking at you, laughing at you and making jokes,” French told Billboard.

Growing up ppl teased him, calling him “Bonjour,” which he then changed to “French” and then added Montana because of his love for Scarface. Once he gave up the Street life because he faced deportation if he got a third strike, that’s when he gave music a try & realized his special gift for making HITS! #PainIntoPower 👑🇲🇦🎶

Photo credit: Billboard

Be sure to read the full @billboard article.

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