PRAY: Fetty Wap + Alexis Skyy’s Daughter Needed Emergency Brain Surgery

TMZ reports Fetty Wap and Alexis Skyy had a “scary weekend” after their 1-year-old daughter needed emergency brain surgery.

“We’re told Fetty and Alexis Skyy’s daughter, Alaiya, needed the procedure to repair a malfunctioning implant in her brain that helps drain blood and fluids. Alaiya was born 3 months premature — weighing just one pound — and suffers from hydrocephalus, a condition that causes bleeding and fluid in the brain. 

Sources connected to Alexis tell us she noticed something wrong on a flight from Atlanta to NY because Alaiya was excessively vomiting. We’re told they bolted to the hospital where doctors began operating.

The surgery went well and Alaiya is now recovering. We’re told Fetty and Alexis are by her side.” [Via TMZ]

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