Feel Good Music: Koffee ‘Toast’ Will Put You In A Thankful Mood! [LISTEN]

This TUNE will put you in a good mood. The song is called “Toast” by Jamaican artist Koffee.

Cyaa bawl ina life man
Gwan wid it, mi gwan wid it
Toast, yeah
Say we a come in wid a force (yeah)
Blessings we a reap pon we course ina hand full
We nuh rise and boast
Yeah we give thanks like we need it the most
We haffi give thanks like we really supposed to, be thankful!
Blessings all pon mi life and
Mi thank God for di journey di earnings a jus fi di plus (yeah)
Gratitude is a must (yeah)
Mi see blessings fall by mi right hand
Buss a toast fi di friends weh tek off heavy load
One time did sit downina class and we bored den oli say do road and mi gwan wid di road
Third form mi say mek mi try a ting, and you know it formed out to be a fire ting
Now a pon stage wid Chronixx I a sing, yea you zimme all Diggy soon gi di I a ring
Like ‘hello Proto’
Him seh “had to shout you, saw you post a spectacular photo
Keep it burning yes that’s the motto, if me deh bout I pass through you show too”

Listen to the full version HERE.

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