Kodak Black Makes Rude Comments To Lauren London While She Mourns Nipsey Hussle [PHOTO+VIDEO]

Kodak Black is on a being a A**hole streak!

Just a couple weeks ago, he was expressing his admiration for Young M.A, who is clearly not attracted to men in any way.

Yesterday a video surfaced of him basically trying to shoot his shot with Lauren London. He referred to her as “that baby” and a “whole widow out here.”

He bragged and said that he’ll be the best man he can be to nab her next. He says he’s “willing to give her a whole year of crying and s*** before he makes any potential moves on her.”

When this story came out, it hadn’t been a week since the passing of Nipsey.

Kodak Black is currently facing a rape charge, his focus should be on his legal issues – not on a grieving woman.

Check out his video here.

Never forget: that time when Nipsey smacked a dude & no one questioned it! We thought, well he prolly deserved it. Think Kodak Black need one of these! But from HEAVEN though! Won’t see it coming!

Imagine that. 🕊


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