Fans Paid $100 To Hear R Kelly Sing For 28 Seconds While He Made $22 k! [PHOTO+VIDEO]

While R. Kelly is facing 10 felony counts of sexual misconduct charges, he’s doing what he can to make money.

The RnB singer reportedly made $20 k (after paying promoters $2 k) from a club appearance and only performed for 28 seconds! Fans arrived at 10 p.m. but R. Kelly didn’t come out until after 1:30 a.m.

He took selfies with fans for about 30 min. People paid $50-$100 to get into the Chicago, Illinois club.

About 100 people showed up, promoters expected around 400.

R. Kelly certainly has a lot of people he owes money to, like his ex-wife Andrea Kelly, for a $169,000 child support debt. He also owes rent money to his studio space in Chicago.

In a video, R-Kelly pled with the media to “take it easy on him.”


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