It’s Happening! Robots Are Working In Walmart Stories, Replacing Human Jobs [PHOTO]

Robots are here to stay.

Walmart stores have already started putting them to work.

Their duties include tasks like polishing the floors, which would take 2-hours of man power to do. They also clean bathrooms, scan inventory and check for out-of-stock or misplace items.

Other robots are able to sort products unloaded from the trucks. Worldwide, Walmart plans on “employing” 3,900 various robots, which would allow associates to do more “specialized work.”

However, as of April 2019, Walmart got rid of their greeters program, which started in 2015 and employees mostly disabled people. The company released a statement that said, “as we strive to constantly improve the experience for our customers, we will need to adjust roles from time to time.”

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