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NEW Music: Max B + French Montana ‘Hold On’

[Via Hypebeast]

Still, behind bars, Max B serves up his first new single in eight years, “Hold On.” A flip of Sade’s “Nothing Can Come Between Us,” the Paul Couture-produced “Hold On” features the Harlem icon’s close collaborator French Montana and is billed as the first of many new and unreleased Max B tracks scheduled to hit streaming services and similar platforms in 2019.

“Think its a joke, n***as is overdosin’ on dope / Damn, n***a on parole / I can’t smoke, can’t cope / Every time I look up, I’m in trouble with the law / Need a new suit / Dave got a 22, snuck it in the school / Number one rule, baby look / Damn it, another Sandy Hook,” Max B raps on “Hold On.” “Family full of crooks / Uncle Greg, me, Mamma did a bullet and 6 months / Got herself clean got into willing time flies / Bigga don’t need 5 tries / Girl I’ll get you pregnant with one f*ck / Pretty brown eyes, brown thighs / Pick it between, she give me a lick / When I be like a fiend, she gets me a hit / She be like a baby, I’ll give her the milkshake / Two grand, underwear silk / You can take off your tee ’cause under there built / Ran the streets all my life, I could’ve been killed.”

You can stream Max B new, French Montana-assisted single “Hold On” below. Although a concrete, official date has yet to be revealed, expect Max B to become a free man once again in the near future.

Back in July of 2017, Max B also appeared on French Montana and The Weeknd’s “A Lie.”

[Via Hypebeast]

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