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Former Dancer That Influenced ‘Hustlers’ Plot Line Goes To See Movie!

Former exotic dancer, Samantha Barbash, 45, is of the strippers who the film ‘Hustlers’ is based on, was spotted seeing the movie.

Barbash, a, single mom, pleaded guilty to conspiracy, assault and grand larceny in exchange for five years probation in 2008.

She didn’t comment on J.Lo’s performance, but advices people to follow her and read her book. She claims she only committed the crimes to take care of her son.

Hustlers’ is based on a 2015 NY magazine article, ‘The Hustlers at Scores,’ and it revolves around the true story about a group of strippers who plotted against their wealthy Wall Street clients.

The movie premiered over the weekend and did better than industry expectations debuting with $33 million.


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