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Celebrities, Media Personals, + Ordinary People Giving Back!

Thanksgiving is a time where we stuff our faces until we can’t eat and see family we haven’t seen all year! It’s also a time where people give back to the less fortunate, and more importantly, acknowledge everything/everyone we are thankful for!

Celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion, 21 Savage, & our forever president Barack Obama are doing their part!

Media personals like Melissa, aka, Sassy Minglee linked up with BK rappers like Fivio Foregin, Sheff G, & Sleepy Hallow to change the definition of a “drive by.” Sassy and the crew did a “MillionDollarDriveBy” & gave items to various NYC shelters.

“We are not pulling up to shoot the block, we are pulling up to give back to the block! ~Sassy Minglee.

Radio legend/executive TT Torrez had her son and nephew feeding the homeless.

You don’t have to be rich to give back to your community, you just need your good heart and the universe will work out the rest!

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