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Did R. Kelly’s GF Azriel Clary Throw A Diss Toward His Other GF, Jocelyn Savage?

One of R. Kelly’s girlfriend’s, Azriel Clary, 21, said celebrating her first holiday without him has been a “terrible feeling” she wouldn’t “wish on anyone.”

She claims she’s not the “average” GF and she’s not willing to do “any and every interview for a check.”

Last week, R Kelly’s other GF, Joycelyn Savage, 21, said that she was “ready to reveal her truth” and allegedly shared “her story” through another platform where people had to pay to hear her story. Since the platform couldn’t verify that it was Joycelyn behind the page, they removed it.

Azriel said in another Tweet that when she speaks on R. Kelly, it will be on a great platform where she can “humanize” him.


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